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WHY SOCIOPATHS ARE SO SUCCESSFUL (and how you can be too)

The solar plexus helps in setting boundaries, making decisions, will-power and getting results. Obviously, I’ve often asked myself if I even have a solar plexus at all.

Truthfully, if you aren’t a certified sociopath it can be hard to fully utilize this power center. You can see the discrepancy in the staggering amount of CEO’s, politicians and billionaires that are sociopaths. A common thread in these antisocial disorders is a lack of empathy. And herein lies the problem: Most healers, peace-makers and artists are drowning in empathy.

It sounds like a good thing but recent studies show that an extremely high rate of what we empathize with isn’t EVEN REAL. This misplaced empathy is merely a projection of our OWN past wounds. We are interacting with ghosts and calling it kindness. We are playing small in order to not hurt illusionary feelings while actual crazy people are ripping apart our oceans and planet. It’s kind of a mess so here’s a few tips:

1. There isn’t enough heroin in the world to turn your empathy off, so don’t even try. Instead, get clear on your goals and why they are important. This makes holding your boundaries and staying motivated possible.

2. Meditate on non-attachment. My favorite video is attached here:

3. Whenever you are faced with a power struggle or someone having authority over you, consider (much like your empathy) that you may be projecting YOUR power onto THEM! Take that shit back bitch!

Empathy can avoid real change in favor of avoiding awkward moments (just like drugs.) Yes, sometimes you will ACTUALLY have to hurt people’s feelings. The only way to make this bearable is by making it mean something for the greater good. And having that discernment is one of the many benefits of getting to know your solar plexus.

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