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Let me tell you about my love affair with essential oils! Well basically, I fucking LOVE them. LOL! But for real, I have always been attracted to anything that plays to my senses. Touch, taste, smell, sound … they are like instant mini meditations! I live for these simple luxuries that make me feel alive.

At first I obsessed over books and blogs that told you their healing properties. After acquiring a basic knowledge of essential oils and using some intuition I can easily pick a handful for almost any ailment, physical or spiritual. It’s like cooking, once you know the basic flavor profiles, you just know what goes well together, and what spices work best in certain dishes. It’s such an easy thing to tap into, just go with what you are attracted to. Simple as that!

For me placing an intention when choosing oils and applying them is a big part of why they are so powerful. Setting aside time to check in with yourself and be aware of what you are going through physically and emotionally is something we often neglect. Using essential oils can be a simple and satisfying thing to add to your routine that can make a big difference.

My current favorites are Geranium, White Fir, Vetiver & Frankincense. These are the oils I use the most for mental, emotional & spiritual purposes. Although they all have many other physical healing properties, I’ll leave those the more practical applications for another post.

GERANIUM - is very floral & feminine. It is a heart opener that I use all the time. I love putting it on my heart chakra … duh! And even my back heart chakra, because that is where our fear lives. If you feel fear, sadness, disappointment, or going through a disagreement / argument, you could probably use some support in keeping your heart open. We tend to close our hearts in these scary spaces to protect ourselves, when what would really be best is to stay open and keep feeling. It’s nice to have something natural & healthy support you in these uncomfortable moments of leaving your heart open, even though it’s painful. That’s where growth, understanding and empathy happen. We are resilient and do not need to close ourselves off to our feelings. In order to heal our wounds we must stay open!

WHITE FIR - is a type of pine tree, really… it’s a Christmas tree. I put it on my wrists and inner forearms. It’s very energizing, stabilizing, and calming. I love to use it for “generational issues”, those deeply ingrained ones we all have, that we spend our life time sorting out. We adopt many amazing qualities from our families, but can also pick up ones that aren’t so awesome. It helps us to recognize and break patterns we inherited or learned from our upbringing.

Patterns we may have learned in the past to keep us safe, we have now outgrown and are holding us back. Who’s ready to let some shit go?!

VETIVER - is the root of an an Indian grass, it has the scent of wet earth and is super thick & velvety. It’s super grounding, great for telling yourself to slow down even just for a moment and let the nurturing safe supportive energy of the earth hold space for you. Vetiver would be a great support if you have anxiety, are feeling generally overwhelmed, feeling pulled in too many directions, or overall your energy feels scattered.

FRANKINCENSE - is very intense, earthy and sort of medicinal. Used a lot in incense, it is a resin they extract from a Boswellia tree. I have no clue what the fuck that is but it sounds amazing! Frankincense is great for connecting to the universe, meditation, intention setting & rituals. It’s one of the gifts the 3 wise men brought Jesus when he was born… that means it must be good right?! Put it on the back of your neck, bottoms of your feet, and your third eye. My craziest experience with oils was with Frankincense. I was in the middle of a breathwork class when the teacher came over and put some on my third eye. I was immediately transported to another universe, left my body and went super deep… so ya, Frankincense is rad. So close your eyes and put it on your head or something! LOL

That’s my take on oils, I hope it helps at least one vibrator up her oil game!

Thanks for visiting Ingrid’s Box ;)


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