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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I’ve created roughly 82 vision boards dedicated to my dream home and dream husband. *Sex and the city voice* But could it be that I was supposed to be vision boarding about my dream mom all along?

Cool shit is great and all but if you don’t have the “grounding” to support your dreams in real life then you’re A) probably not going to get them or B) lose them as fast as they came. It’s truly bananas that 70% of lottery winners go broke within a few years (no matter how much money they win.) We all think we're smarter than that but the stats don't lie: humans are hot messes. That’s why it’s imperative to strengthen our foundation to the frequency of all that is physical and all that IS BECOMING physical—THE MOTHERFUCKING ROOT CHAKRA.  

The problem is this chakra is tricky to navigate. The issues burrowed here run deep and are mostly unconscious so we gotta go around our defense mechanisms. In order to feel safe, the root MUST AT LEAST have access to shelter, nutrition and connection. When looking at these needs through an archetypal lens, it’s obvious that they are all aspects of the *mother archetype (*"mother" does not need to be a woman.) So in order to give ourselves a sturdy foundation in the midst of all of this uncertainty, let’s build a DREAM MOTHER from the ground up.

NOTE: Don’t use your real mom even if she or he is amazing because a human mom comes with karmic ties, shadow lessons, past life trauma and a whole host of other bullshit that our inner child can’t stand (and there really is no reasoning with an inner child.) I have chosen Goldie Hawn to represent my dream mother because duh. So grab a piece of paper and think about the following questions:

  1. Who was my favorite mom growing up? (It can be a television mom, a friend’s mom or someone who isn’t a mom but you wished was yours.)

  2. How does this person make me feel? 

  3. What does this person value?

  4. What does this person like about me?

  5. What does this person wish I knew about myself?

  6. What is this person’s main life motto?

The opposite side of the wounded child is the dream mother and you will probably find that a dream mother brings a sort of lightness to you. Feeling comforted, guided and understood is pretty dope. Once you get to know the mother within, you are suddenly the one with the answers because your own psyche is responding PERFECTLY to YOUR needs. The mother has been YOU all along.

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