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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

no new friends, meow you very much

Okay baby vibrators, confession. For the first time in my life, my main goal and intention is to create more money. I don’t know what unconscious shit I had going on upstairs (maybe that some dude was going to come take care of me? That I would win the lottery even though I don’t buy lottery tickets? Truly, no clue) but I’m ready to clean it up. Luckily, I stumbled upon Margaret Lynch’s YouTube channel. Give this woman a YouTube Nobel prize because her information is EXACTLY. THE. SHIT. I. NEED.

Margaret says we create money through the three LOWER chakra systems. Already, I’m shook. Firstly, I wasn't really using chakra's to manifest and when I did, I was using a lot of visualizing, meditation, etc---basically using my upper, ethereal chakras (third eye, crown, throat.) No hate to these magical energy vortexes, but it makes sense that a healthy root chakra should be doing the heavy lifting. Even the Bible (which is not a common reference source for me) says, “build your house upon a rock.” The rest of this information is paraphrasing from the 2,000 videos of her I watched at 3 am with my invisalign and sleep mask half on.

So the root chakra. Let’s talk about it. What is it, where is it, and why the fuck is it blocking my money? The root chakra has only TWO speeds: victimhood or motherhood (*motherhood represents the energy of responsibility and applies to men as well.) There is no wishy washy in-between. If the victim switch is ON, the whole system is polluted. A lot of us were unarguably victims when we were younger, but as adults we are now volunteers. It’s time to get that root vibrating in its power because YOU ARE POWERFUL and no one else can take the reins. (*this is not to undermine people in extreme or rare situations that are truly beyond human control.) The root is right under the tailbone. Focus some red healing energy there now.

Mk, so the second chakra is the sacral. A sacral block will show up in situations such as this: Do you find yourself always trying to make things happen? Is your life a marathon of striving and pushing? Is all your effort never even close to enough? I’m not gonna say much more because her video says it all. It's major.

Lastly, the heart chakra. It’s our most powerful chakra by a mile. I measured it. It's exactly one mile more powerful. How do you know if you are blocked in your heart chakra? My bff Margaret says you do this one simple test…how much love and compassion do you give yourself? If the answer is low, you are closed. And if it’s closed, this powerful chakra is actually working against you! It turns out yourself doesn't like to be not loved by yourself, and will punish yourself until you love it but the punishment makes you hate yourself and eggs on the cycle. Ya know? Even if you are giving and loving to OTHER people, the core of the chakra is blocked and you are working against yourself, because you are funneling energy from an empty core (the core being self love.) I haven’t been able to fully let this sink in yet, but basically you don’t need to do or prove anything more. It’s official. You are worthy of love from yourself. "That'll do donkey. That'll do." -Shrek

P.S.I keep showing this video to friends at inappropriate places and whispering “this is the good part,” and “did you hear that?!” right in their ear, like at Starbucks and stuff. I guess what I’m trying to say is…thank you so much for reading and watching. I needed it.



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