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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

shut up about what is or has been... I'm present momenting to the vortex HUNNNNNY

The art of manifesting is subtle, gentle…almost invisible. It is an art in trickery and the person you must trick is yourself. You have to trick yourself into enjoying life even if your life is currently a garbage pail kid existence. The universe is like a cat. It can’t be cajoled, rushed, tricked. It doesn’t like urgency and desperation. You can’t get it to come sit in your lap because you want your soulmate and Telsa NOW. You have to get to it by self-appreciation and feeling good. As soon as you are vibing high, feeling good for no other reason than it feels good, the universe will come curl up in your lap and purrr.

I LOVE ABRAHAM HICKS and I LOVE the motherfucking VORTEX more than anything else on earth. Abraham is an entity that speaks through a woman named Esther and it’s bizarre but amazing. I learned about Abraham in the most Superficial Magic way possible, which is from Tara Reid in 2009…but that’s a whole other story. I recommend listening to Abrahams you tube videos as often as you can because the information is infinite. But to give you a cheat sheet, these are the three main steps to manifesting in accordance with their teachings. 1. Ask. 2. It is given. 3. Get in the receiving mode or the VORTEX.

Explained further, you get clear about what you want and send the energy (intention!) into the universe. Abraham’s message is that whatever you intend is IMMEDIATELY given to you in vibrational form (your wants create a sort of energetic “vortex” in the dimension of your soul). You may be like, “Uh, what the fuck dude, I’ve asked for a lot of shit and I haven’t gotten it, so step 2 is a lie.” I feel that way sometimes. But if you ask for something without resistance (limiting beliefs) and with strong belief that it is on its way, you will be put into the vortex. Excited and alive, you are curious to see how the universe delivers it to you and not worried about the time line so it can come in weird ways without you controlling it. With this energy, you align with your vortex and it comes into physical form in often “oh weird,” ways. If you don’t believe it’s actually coming and you have resistance around it, then you are creating a lot of pain that keeps the cycle going. Because the law of attraction will create more pain out of pain. So you gotta feel good.

Once we “get” this, our real work is step three: translating the vibrational yum yum’s in our vortex into physical form. This means enjoying our life in the moment as much as we can. Close your eyes and really savor the ice cold water in your fridge. Make a grateful list every night before bed. When you feel good, milk it into longer and longer periods of time. You are aligning with your vortex. Feel good however you know how. You are better served to think about what your dog looked like as a baby until your brain explodes with cuteness than to sit staring at a wall trying hard to solve all your problems and making yourself miserable.

So have an intention. Know that merely by thinking it you have created it’s vibrational copy in your vortex. Do things that make you happy and stop meddling in how it comes to you. Enjoy.

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