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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Go deep, stay shallow

If you ever wondered what's going on down in the deep unconscious, the answer is pretty easy to find. All you have to do is look at your life. 95% of human behavior is unconscious programming from our caregivers while the other 5% is spent reacting to cat videos on the internet. So the places you get stuck, the stuff you can never fix, all the problems you have are ROADMAPS pointing you straight to an unconscious belief. Once you figure that out, it can be actually fun to change your beliefs.

IT IS NOT FUN HOWEVER, if you insist on dealing with the unconscious mind like you would a person or your conscious mind. It doesn't speak that language. You can say very sweetly "we don't have to act that way anymore darling." But there's no use getting mad at it when it does "that thing" again even though you very sweetly asked it to stop. It's a computer whose only means of communication is REPETITION. Computer programers didn't gently stroke the 1983 computer and say "you can now operate the internet sugar pie." They had to manually put in codes and then do whatever else you have to do to make the internet work. REPETITION.

If you can do repetition in a hypnotic state then you doubly win. This is why you're supposed to write out affirmations and repeat them in your head as often as you can. That is literally the only way you are going to get past the wall.

Changing your beliefs changes everything. Here are a few more ideas to reprogram.

1.  Find you archetype. An archetypes is a theory that human personalities are based on patterns in the matrix that go back to the beginning of time. Finding your archetype doesn’t usually take more than a few minutes on google speculating about yourself and you were going to do that anyway. The results you find can be very relieving. For example, my friend realized she is the father archetype and it eased her frustration with the overly controlling or harsh aspects of herself. Another option is to take an enneagram test and look at what type you are. The best free site I have found for this is

2.   Another way to go deep is through hypnosis (duh). Being “hypnotized” isn’t as hard as the movies would have you believe. It’s just another way of saying you are relaxed. That’s why advertisers pay billions of dollars to put up ads on roadsides and commercials. While you are chilling, you are in a hypnotic state and from this susceptible state you can begin to pull out the weeds and replace them with beliefs that actually serve you. If you go deep with this work, make sure to be working with a trained therapist.

3.  Dream analysis is key. The art of analyzing your dreams is layered and extremely misunderstood. Please listen to Superficial Magic episode 35 with Gabriel Garcia to understand some really simple ways to uncover what your subconscious is telling you while you sleep.

The reason we do this isn’t to spend life obsessing over our issues. That’s absolutely fun too, but the truth is our unconscious doesn’t just affect us…it can communicate with another people’s unconscious! This is not some spiritual mumbo jumbo. This is fact. That is why people “always” treat us like that or this “never” happens to you. The world is infinite. There is no reason for things to always or never be happening to you. If something is, you are creating it with your unconscious.

Pick one belief and repeat and write down the opposite as often as you can. It will eventually reboot the hard drive and you will have all the proof you need to keep weeding out the garbage beliefs.

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