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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Life may not come with a rule book but it definitely comes with a map. I’ve found that whenever I'm at a crossroads in life, the universe will ALWAYS provide me with a sign (if I ask, of course.) Some lucky bitches find "sexy" signs like coins, butterflies, and specific colored feathers. I don’t personally but that’s probably because I hate leaving my house. Luckily, signs can also take the form of coincidences that happen in your own living room. Recently I said 15 things in exact unison with the television. It was eerie, undeniable, and unfortunately useless because the words themselves had no inherent meaning. I choose to translate this coincidence as a good omen to stay on my current path as I was obviously “saying the right thing” at “the right time.”

If you aren’t experiencing any coincidences don't’re still in luck because numbers and universe cards show up for absolutely everyone on every occasion. Numbers are awesome because they are everywhere. Note any time you see repeating numbers or a number that means something significant to you. For example, I’m currently contemplating some career moves and I just looked at the clock and it was 5:55. According to trusty google, 5:55 means something good is coming my way. If I wanted to look at the number as a single digit, I would just add them all up to 15 then add 1 and 5. Six means stability. After doing a bit more research tonight, I’ll have enough information for my intuition to chew on an answer while I watch Dexter and forget about it. Tomorrow morning would be a great time for me to jot down my dreams to see if the ol' subconscious is throwing me any answers (full disclosure, odds of me getting any answers instead of Dexter nightmares are low.) Universe cards work too. One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was off a $15 deck of Doreen Virtue oracle cards. But don’t overuse this tool! It is much more potent to use cards every once in-awhile instead of five times a day (which believe me, I have done.) A sign is always up to the interpretation of your intuition. So remember to ask clear questions, trust your gut and don’t ask again until the universe answers.

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