Hi! I'm Meagan Grainger and I'm so glad to have you in my little world. Please never leave. A few things about me...I'm literally obsessed with self-help, spirituality and wellness. Like I would snort it.


I have a masters degree in psychology so I love to explore mental health hacks. I am also 17% enlightened but that's a whole other story. I am also a comedy writer (currently pitching a show called "No New Friends" starring Margaret Cho.) It's pretty cool. Mathematically I am like Mariah Carrey + Eckhart Tolle x cats - full spiral / wigs. You know? Of course you do. 

My purpose on this planet is to remind women, gay men, and maybe 4 straight men that we live in a holographic illusion and can do so much more than we think is possible. I want to create a safe space where we can evolve together. I love you!