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I started Superficial Magic to find like-minded friends who want to manifest the most kick ass version of reality. I found a lot of the wellness experts I followed were “type A” people to begin with, so their wellness journeys could leave some of us more “hot mess-esque” people feeling left out (Gwenyth Paltrow gives me anxiety.) That’s why I’m here. I want a judgement free zone where everyone can be exactly who they are. Speaking of who you are, who am I?

Wellsies, I’m a writer, wellness junkie and podcaster based out of Los Angeles. I got my master’s degree in psychology and was lucky enough to work with amazing clients. Helping people reconnect with their authentic self is the biggest joy in my life. My own experiences with PTSD and depression coupled with my personal growth from this work help me be an ally for people who are having trouble getting what they want. Superficial Magic focuses first and foremost on healing trauma & shame (lower chakras) before moving into the upper chakras. I know that with a few tweaks that you can not only have what you want, but deserve it as well.

We are all one thought away from being reconnected to source energy and our authentic self. The universe is ready to unfold the next version of you and it should be fun. I hope I help you discover how!

All my love,

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